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Published On: Mon, Nov 5th, 2012

Eyes of the Lord (Part 1)

Eyes of the LordWord of Knowledge:

           ”To another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit” (I Cor 12:8)
Our Lord Jesus Christ has opened eyes. Yes! He talked to angels and the saints face-to-face when he was in this world (Luke 22:43, Mathew17:3). People in paradise, their names and the conversations in paradise, nothing is out of sight to Jesus (Luke 16:22,25,31). Likely, the people in hell their cry even their families were watched keenly by the eyes of Jesus Christ (Luke 16:24,27).

         Isn’t that wonderful!  Can you be out of sight to God? Never! Listen to what Psalmist said, (Psalms 139:2,15,6) “My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret…Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising” Yes, wherever you are, you might have covered with the darkness of sin (Psalm 139:11) or forsaken by the world, But even there Jesus is the Lord who sees you (Gen 16:13). So, don’t be afraid.

1.Opened Fountain:

       Hagar, the slave of Abraham was dealt hardly by her mistress when she was pregnant. Then one day she fled away from her home and been separated from her husband. She came and stood near a Fountain as an Orphan.
In that same place (near fountain) Jesus saw her and wiped  her tears away. She called that fountain as “Lahairoi” (Genesis 16:7-14). It meansthe Well of Living one who seeth methere is an opened fountain formed in Calvary to see the Lord who seeth us (Zec 13:1). “Jesus Christ” is the rock who was cleft for us in Calvary (John 19:34). In this fountain your eyes (opened by God) shall be opened (John 9:7). And then with your eyes you too will see God, Saints and the Angels! A person who can see everything in Heaven, earth and beneath earth with his eyes (opened by God) like the way they are…. Is the one who has been filled with the spirit of knowledge by Holy Spirit (Isa 11:2). And the Word which he gets through these open visions are called Word of Knowledge (I Cor 12:8).

Eyes which run to and fro throughout the whole earth:

        For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong (II Chronicles 16:9, Rev 5:6)
Lord’s eye observes all of his creations. Even sparrows sold for two farthings and considered as least was not forgotten by God (Luke 12:6)

2.The ass and the colt:

         Jesus saw the ass and the colt from Bethpage, Go into the village over against you, and straightway ye shall find an ass tied, and a colt with her (Mathew 21:1-2).
O! An ass has brought forth its first colt! But there is no lamb to redeem this colt as per the Commandment of God. No one was ready to redeem this colt with the lamb. Even the owner of that ass is so poor that he can’t afford for a lamb to redeem it. So he tied the ass and the colt in the entrance of his village thinking if whoever is ready to redeem this colt can redeem this by the end of this day if not then in evening he has to break its neck as per the Commandment (Exo: 13:13).
The eyes of the Lamb of God saw the colt which is near to death and abandoned! He sympathized! and sent His deciples to bring them immediately. Why? He Himself wanted to redeem that colt as a Lamb of God, and went to Jerusalem as a willing Sacrifice isn’t it?
Friends, even we may be forsaken by all, set out of our village to die. Don’t be afraid! The eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ are watching you! Jesus calls you with his loveI need you(Mathew 21:3) be of courage and run to our Father!
Evangelists (Preachers)! How perfect it would be! To know the souls tied by satan from wherever you are by the Word of Knowledge and to be ready to release those souls. So, seek the Word of Knowledge.

3.Fish in the hook:

           Jesus saw the piece of money which was in the mouth of fish (Mathew 17:27).
           Yes! There was a fish deep down the sea, which kept a piece of money in its mouth without swallowing it for long time. It didn’t have any food. Jesus saw this fish. The fish said that this piece of money is a treasure for me; I myself will give this to Jesus until then let this money be in my mouth which was heard by our Lord Jesus Christ! Yes! The eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth. That little fish came near the shore and found the boat of Peter where Jesus used to standby and preach the word of God. Might be it heard the preaching’s of Jesus Christ from there! So it was just swimming around Peter’s boat. Little fish desperately wanted to see Jesus. Jesus saw that little fish which is roaming around. While all the other fishes who wanted to listen preaching’s of Jesus were just swimming around, this little fish who wanted to sacrifice itself for Jesus Christ kept its eyes up above the water level and waited for the Lord.
Suddenly Peter came over there, the people over there inquired about Jesus. He replied that he was sent to catch one fish for Jesus Christ and took his hook from his boat. The little fish who was hearing all these conversations went and just jumped into the hook and made itself hung in that hook. Peter took the piece of money from its mouth and paid that money for Jesus Christ. Jesus never forgot this little fish. Even now, the life of this little fish is been taught and mediated around the world, Not only in this world but also in Heaven. This fish was died but got special attention in Bible.
Friends, Hook is the symbol of cruelty of death to fish as the Cross to Humans! One day this symbol came to that fish! This little fish volunteered and embraced it. Today the Cross with Crucified Jesus is been kept before you, just go and embrace this Cross. You will have a renewed life and you will be included in the likeness of His resurrection (Romans 6:4,5).
Preachers! There are many people in this world for Christ but only few are surrendered their life to Jesus like this little fish. Those are the ones who are going to shake this World and Heaven! Sow the Word of Knowledge into the people and these words will separate the people who are surrendered themselves to God and bring them unto you with whom the Glory of God will be revealed. It is impossible to select the people who are capable to serve the Lord without the Word of Knowledge.


Author             :        Bro. R. Augustine Joseph

Collected By   :        Stulo Robinson.S

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