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Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2013

Hear my prayer, O God

Hear my prayer, O God

Hear my prayer, O God; Give ear to the words of my mouth.    Psalm 54: 2.

Hear my prayer, O God –

This has ever been the defence of saints. As long as God hath an open ear we cannot be shut up in trouble. All other weapons may be useless, but all prayer is evermore available. No enemy can spike this gun.

Give ear to the words of my mouth –

Vocal prayer helps the supplicant, and we keep our minds more fully awake when we can use our tongues as well as our hearts. But what is prayer if God hear not? It is all one whether we babble nonsense or plead arguments if our God grant us not a hearing. When his case had become dangerous, David could not afford to pray out of mere custom, he must succeed in his pleadings, or become the prey of his adversary.

 Source:  Charles H. Spurgeon                                    

   Abad of Jesus Christ,

       Stulo Robinson.S.


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