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Published On: Fri, Apr 26th, 2013

Maria Polack (Part I)

Maria Polack (Part I)

I was born in Portugal, during the time that it was under the rule of a dictator. My parents were Catholic, but I had little interest in the Catholic church, because the dictatorship and the Catholic church were linked in many peoples’ eyes. From a very young age I loved God, and wanted to know about the Holy Spirit, but nobody in my parish church seemed to be able to tell me anything, so I went around searching. It was years later however before God broke through into my life in a way I could not have believed in a thousand years.

It was a typical warm Portuguese night, but I had woken up and knew that I needed to visit the bathroom. I had reached the age of 26, and had been feeling unwell for some time. Sometimes I felt faint, and on some occasions I actually did faint. The problem was that I knew that if I got up, I would probably wake my parents. I was staying with them at the time, and I knew that they needed their sleep. In the end though, like it or not, I had to get up. I made my way to the bathroom as silently as I could, closing all the doors behind me, so as to make as little noise as possible.

I am still not to clear about exactly what happened next, but I must have stumbled as I entered the bathroom, or perhaps I fainted again, but the result was that I hit my head hard on a marble corner in the bathroom. I had fainted and had become unconscious before, and since. But this time was very different from those other times.

Suddenly I found myself going through a large tunnel, at great speed. What could be happening? I was travelling so fast that I could hear a loud ‘whooshing’ sound as I moved along. As I travelled, I realised that I was moving towards a source of light. This light was more beautiful than anything that I had ever seen on Earth. It was a wonderful golden colour – more beautiful than anything I have ever experienced even on the sunniest day in Portugal.

Then I went through the entrance where the light was. The atmosphere was totally serene, and I was now surrounded completely by this wonderful golden light. At this point I had no idea what was happening to me, but I felt safe secure and very peaceful. Then I felt a Presence near to me, and realised that it was coming from the middle of this wonderful light. The light was very intense, although it did not hurt my eyes. I was aware of so much love surrounding me, a type of love that I have never experienced before. I knew that this love was far greater than anything that any human could generate, however much they tried. I began to realise that the Presence within this light knew everything that there was to know about me, and yet loved me totally. I could not see who it was that was in the centre of this light, although I guessed by now that it must be Jesus. This was strange, because although I had been brought up in the Catholic faith, God had played little or no part in my life, although I had always wanted to know more about Him.

Then, my whole life started to be shown to me. I saw the good parts and the bad parts. I did not feel condemned, even when I saw myself do or think things that I should not have. I knew that He understood me, and loved me, in spite of everything that I had ever done. We started to have a conversation together, although no words were spoken. It was just a conversation within the mind. I could hear His words in my head, and I found it easy to communicate in this way. When I saw myself doing the things that I should not have done, I felt very sad and repentant, especially as I was experiencing so much of His love at the time. I felt consoled, and I did not ever want to leave the place where I was, even though I had a young child who obviously needed my care and attention at that time.

                                                                                           To Be Continued…

Source:  The Final Frontier 

 Thanks to: Maria Polack     

  Abad of Jesus Christ,

   Stulo Robinson.S.

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