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Published On: Sat, Apr 27th, 2013

Maria Polack (Part II)

Maria Polack (Part II)

I was aware of other things around me. I think I was standing near to a tree, but I was concentrating too much on the Lord and what He was saying and showing me to bother too much about what was around me. Then He said that I must go back – it wasn’t time for me to be with Him permanently yet. I sensed that He had tremendous authority, mixed with this wonderful love. I wanted to do what He told me to, although in another way I would have loved to have simply stayed where I was.

Then I made the journey back to my body. It was a strange experience as I re-entered my body, and it was not very pleasant. I felt my spirit coming back into my body again, and I felt restricted, like being put into a box! And of course my head was very painful, due to the knock that I had given it, which had caused me to lose consciousness. I was still lying there on the floor where I fell, but now my father and mother were also there, standing quietly, and watching me. In spite of the fact that I had tried not to make a noise when going to the bathroom my mother had suddenly woken up, and had immediately sensed that something was wrong. She went around the house, trying to find out why she was feeling so disturbed. Then she found me, lying in the bathroom. She could not lift me on my own, so she called my father to come and help.

Dad came into bathroom and moved me, so that I was lying on my back. After that they wanted to call for an ambulance, but they both felt rooted to the spot. I am very close to my Dad, and he told me afterwards that he sensed that I was somewhere else, and that they should not attempt to move me. Although my parents at the time only had a formal interest in religion, they are now both born again believers.

I have to admit that I did not really want to leave that place – it had been so lovely to be in the Lord’s Presence. The wonderful thing was that my symptoms stopped, and I quickly returned to good health. Since then of course I have had other illnesses. On some occasions, as I have prayed, the Lord has healed me instantly, in a way that could not be explained by any other means.

The intensity of the love that I felt from the Lord when I was in His presence has given me a deep love for others. I feel their pain, and that is not always easy to bear. It is like walking around with no shoes on! But you can’t have an experience like that and remain unchanged.

Although I shared my experience with my parents, it was a long time before I started to tell anyone outside of my family. I felt that people would not understand what I was saying, or that they would feel that I was crazy. But I now feel it is important to tell my story, because so many people just don’t realise just how much God loves them. I know that people need to understand that there is a life beyond the body, and that our lives do not end at the grave.

Source:  The Final Frontier 

 Thanks to: Maria Polack     

  Abad of Jesus Christ,

   Stulo Robinson.S.


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