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Published On: Mon, Aug 5th, 2013

Martyrs – St. Paul

Martyrs – St. Paul

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Some Jews from the province of Asia saw Paul in the Temple, along with Trophimus of Ephesus They assumed that Trophimus had also entered the temple along with St. Paul.They stirred up the whole crowd. The commander of the Roman troops received information that the whole city was rioting. At once the commander took some officers and soldiers and rushed down to the crowd and rescued Paul. With the permission of the commander, Paul spoke to the people and described to them, the experience he had in Damascus. The crowd shouted to kill Paul. So the commander decided to whip paul to prove his crime. When the commander came to knew that he was a Roman citizen, he was afraid and released Paul. To save him from the crowd, Paul was kept at the fort. That night the Lord stood by Paul and said, “Don’t be afraid! You have given your witness for me here in Jerusalem, and you must also do the same in Rome.” (23:14). Some Jews met and took a vow that they would not eat or drink anything until they had killed Paul. But the son of Paul’s sister came to know of this plot and informed Paul and also the commander. In the night itself Paul was sent to Governor Felix with a letter under guard of the soldiers.

 The High Priest Ananias went to Caearea with some elders and a lawyer named Tertulles and appeared before Felix and made their charges against Paul. The Governor understood that Paul had not committed any crime against Roman laws. He did not punish Paul. He did not either set him free. Paul remained in prison in Caesarea for two years. Parcius Festus succeded Felix as governor. Felix wanted to gain favour with the Jews so he left Paul in prison. The chief priests and the Jewish leaders brought their charges against Paul before Festus, and begged him to bring Paul to Jerusalem. Festus asked Paul about it. Paul knew that he would never get justice in Jerusalem. So ultimately he used his right as a citizen of Rome to appeal to the Emperor. His appeal was granted. In the meantime King Heerod Agrippa reached Caesarea to visit the Governor Festus, and he desired to listen to Paul. When Festus heard the speech of Paul before KingAgrippa, he was astonished and shouted that the great learning of Paul wasdriving him mad (26:24) KingAgrippa knew that Paul had not done anything for which he should die or imprisoned. Festus could not release Paul as he had appealed to the Emperor.

 Festus sent Paul and some other prisoners to Rome from Caesarea by the sea under Julius, an officer of the Roman regiment. When the ship reached Phoenix, a harbour in Crete, Paul warned them that further voyage would be dangerous; there would be great damage to the cargo and to the ship, and loss of life as well. Without giving much attention to this warning, they continued their voyage. Soon a strong wind blew down and the ship lost control and was afloat for 14 days without knowing where they were heading. The passengers were so afraid that they would perish. They could not eat any food. Paul strengthened them saying that the God whom he worships, had told him that no one would perish there. Paul took some bread, gave thanks to God before them all, broke it and began to eat. They took courage, and every one of them ate some food. The ship hit and broke in the Island Malta. Some swarmed to the shore. Some held on to the planks and broken pieces of the ship; and they all reached safely on land. It was so cold that they made a fire and were warming themselves. Paul gathered a bundle of sticks and put them in the fire. Asnake came out and fastened itself to his hand. The natives who saw it said Paul was a murderer and fate would not let him live. Paul shook the snake from the wrist without being harmed. They were waiting to see Paul’s death But nothing happened, Now they said,” He is a God.” Through his prayers many people were cured including the father of Pablius, the chief of the Island.

From Malta they travelled in another ship and passed through Syracuse, Rhegium and Puteali and reached Rome. Paul got permission to stay in a rented house along with a soldier. He had freedom to receive guests and also to preach. He stayed there for two years and later he was set free. (In the Acts of the Apostles the events that have happened in the life of St.Paul up to his stay of two years in Rome have been recorded.) During his stay there, he wrote the Epistles of Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon and to Philippians. It is believed that when St.Paul was set free in 63 A.D, he travelled to Asia Minor, Macedonia and so on. During this time, he wrote to the Hebrews, First Epistle to Timothy, to Titus and the last Second Epistle to Timothy, in 65A.D. St. Paul was again arrested imprisoned During the persecution of Nero, it is recorded that St. Paul was beheaded in 67 A.D. and beacme a Martyr.

Abad of Jesus Christ,

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