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Published On: Mon, Jul 1st, 2013

Martyrs – St. Zenobius & Zenobia

Martyrs - St. Zenobius & Zenobia

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The Hieromartyr Zenobius, Bishop of Aegea, and his sister, Zenobia, suffered martyrs’ deaths in the year 285 in Cilicia. From childhood, they were raised in a Christian Faith by their parents, and they led pious and chaste lives. In adulthood, shunning the love of money, they distributed their inherited wealth to the poor. For his beneficence and holy life, the Lord rewarded Zenobius with the gift of healing various maladies. He was also chosen bishop of a Christian community in Cilicia.

[gn_pullquote align=”left”]This present life without Christ is death. It is better that I prepare to endure the present torment for my Creator[/gn_pullquote]

As bishop, St. Zenobius zealously spread the Christian Faith among the pagans. When Emperor Diocletian (284-305) began a persecution against the Christians, Bishop Zenobius was the first one arrested and brought to trial before Governor Licius. “I shall only speak briefly with you,” said Licius to the saint, “for I propose to grant you life if you worship our gods, or death, if you do not.” Zenobius answered,

“This present life without Christ is death. It is better that I prepare to endure the present torment for my Creator, and then with Him live eternally, than to renounce Him for the sake of the present life, and then be tormented eternally in Hades.”

By the order of Licius, they nailed him to a cross and tortured him. Though St. Zenobia, his sister, saw his suffering, and bravely confessed her own faith in Christ before the governor. She was also tortured. They both were tortured by being kept in red hot iron bed and been thrown into boiling kettle.

But by the power of the Lord, they remained alive even after being placed on a red-hot iron bed, and then in a boiling kettle. The saints were ultimately beheaded. The priest Hermogenes secretly buried their bodies in a single grave. They died with the assurance that they will be the citizens of Heaven and will live with their Lord forever in glory thereafter!

Abad of Jesus Christ,

  Stulo Robinson.S.


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