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Published On: Mon, Oct 29th, 2012

Melita is an island that restoreth all

Melita There was a shipwreck when Paul and 276 people with him where on their way to Italy. They escaped all safe to land, some on boards, and some on broken pieces of the ship. And when they were escaped, then they knew that the island was called “Melita.” (Acts 28:1)
All their dreams were shattered to reach a foreign country! And all their wealth was drowned in sea! Their hope about their future was vanished! Isolation, acrimony and fear were the one which remained in their heart. But, there was “Melita” for those hopeless hearts.
Friends! Even we are having the same situation as Paul and the other 276 people with him, like them even we have an island for us “Melita”. This Melita is now called as Malta which is 50 miles away from southern part of Sicily in Mediterranean Sea. This Island is made of one immense rock of white soft free stone. In this Island Paul and all those traveled with him had restored everything they lost! (Melita is an island that restoreth all!).
They (people of Melita) also honored Paul and those who were with him, with many honors; and when they departed, they laded them with such things as were necessary. (Acts28:10).
We have a Rock close by us to save us from all our life’s shipwreck and to give us life. Christ Jesus is the Rock (1Cor 10:4). In this rock, depressed Moses hid himself and saw God, and got the power to do the Miracles in this world. Do not fear weary souls! You too will get the new anointed power from this Rocky Melita (Jesus Christ!).

Author           : Bro. R. Augustine Joseph
Collected By : Stulo Robinson.S

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