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Published On: Mon, Feb 11th, 2013

O God, my heart is fixed

O God, my heart is fixed

My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise. Psalms 57:7 (KJV)

My heart is fixed –

One would have thought he would have said, “My heart is fluttered; “but no, he is calm, firm, happy, resolute, established. When the central axle is secure, the whole wheel is right. If our great bower anchor holds, the ship cannot drive.

O God, my heart is fixed –

 I am resolved to trust thee, to serve thee, and to praise thee. Twice does he declare this to the glory of God who thus comforts the souls of his servants. Reader, it is surely well with thee, if thy once roving heart is now firmly fixed upon God and the proclamation of his glory.

I will sing and give praise –

Vocally and instrumentally will I celebrate thy worship. With lip and with heart will I ascribe honour to thee. Satan shall not stop me, nor Saul, nor the Philistines, I will make Adullam ring with music, and all the caverns thereof echo with joyous song. Believer, make a firm decree that your soul in all seasons shall magnify the Lord.

“Sing, though sense and carnal reason

Fain would stop the joyful song:

Sing, and count it highest treason

For a saint to hold his tongue.”

Source:  Charles H. Spurgeon                                     

   Abad of Jesus Christ,

   Stulo Robinson.S.



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