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Published On: Sat, May 4th, 2013

Simon Mackrell (Part II)


I had only got out the words ‘I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ’ when a bright light surrounded me from head to toe. The light dispelled the darkness and was full of love, peace, and joy. This gave me a feeling of security. In the light I smelt an amazing fragrance. The light came down from above, while below it, and running parallel to it was a pathway of golden cobblestones. I was lifted by what seemed to be two hands, one on each of my hips. I was drawn up the light along the path, and soon it levelled out. Before me were the walls of a huge city. It reminded me of the walls I had seen in the film Jesus of Nazareth, but instead of the walls being the brown colour in the film, these walls were multicoloured and shimmering with light. The colours were in layers, reflecting the gems the wall was made from. The beauty was amazing and glorious, more beautiful than any rainbow, or anything on Earth.

The path ended at a huge white gate that the Bible describes as gates of pearl. Both the gates and the gems of the walls are described in Revelation 21. The same light that I was moving in was also radiating out from within the city, and also contained the same love, peace, joy and warmth. As I stood at the gates, I heard amazing singing coming from within the city, voices that sang in beautiful harmony, singing to the Lord.

An angel spoke to me. I am not sure if the angel stepped through the gate, or if he was there all the time, but only when he spoke to me did I become aware of his presence. He said, ‘Return from where you came from’. I put my arms out pointing into the city and said ‘I am home. I would like to go in, to be with Jesus and my Heavenly Father’. He replied, ‘The Lord’s return is imminent. I have more to do, you are to return from where you came’. The angel was huge, over seven or eight feet tall. He was broad, and dressed in a white robe with sandals on his feet. He had a leather belt around him that held a large sword in an ornamental sheath. The belt was braided with gold and brass thread. He had an amazing presence and spoke with the authority of God.

Just as I had been drawn up the path in the light, now I moved away from the City, and it was all darkness again. I still had my arms outstretched, so when my spirit returned to my body my arms lifted up. The nurse commented to my Mum that my arms had been raised. They had wondered if I had been praying or hallucinating, but they were not sure. They comforted Mum by saying I had turned a corner and was much better. Mum wishes she had noted the time and date in her diary, because from that moment on until I came out of the coma, my healing accelerated rapidly.

A fortnight after the accident I came out of the coma. The doctors removed my respiratory tube since I was breathing well enough on my own. I still had a gastric tube, and was still attached to the life support monitor. One morning, I was trying to attract the attention of the nurse, and I accidentally ripped out a tube from my carotid artery, which is the major artery for the blood supply from the heart to the brain. If the tube is not withdrawn carefully it can damage the artery, and if the wound is not sealed with pressure a lot of blood is lost. The nurse rushed in and applied pressure to my neck at the position of the artery but was amazed to find no blood flowing from the wound and no internal bleeding. Later in the day the doctors took me off the life support monitor and left only an intravenous drip in my arm.

I was discharged from hospital on the 1st January 1991, having made steady progress, and was able to talk and pray with several patients about my faith in God.

The things that I have seen and experienced are real. They are what God did, directly or through others, in answer to their prayers of faith. Mum and I received tremendous love and support from our immediate family and friends. We also received wonderful support from our church and the pastoral team. I am also thankful for the encouragement and letters from Christians I received while in hospital.

As Christians, I believe that we should not be spiritual secret agents, but also be willing to share our good news with others.

Source: The Final Frontier
Abad of Jesus Christ,
Stulo Robinson.S.

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