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Published On: Sun, Mar 31st, 2013

The Love of the Risen Christ

He is Risen

The Love of the Risen Christ

“But go your way, tell his disciples and Peter that he goeth before you into Galilee: there shall ye see him, as he said unto you.” (Mark 16:7)

Verily Jesus loves to meet His people. As soon as He resurrected He Himself sends the message of meeting His disciples by His Angel. Jesus Loved His disciples so much (John 13:1), also He earnestly desired to be with them, “Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am” (John 17:24) is what the prayer of Jesus Christ.

After the resurrection of Jesus Christ, two of them travelled to their village and on their way, “Jesus saw that they communed together and reasoned about Him. Immediately Jesus himself drew near, and went with them” (Luke 24:15). Yes, He always loves to be with us and to walk with us. He is the Happiest when He is in our midst.

See the condition of the disciples on that previous day. They were in horror as they scared of Jews; they stayed in a locked room; Reproaches, Shame, question asked by the people (John 20:19), filled with sorrow, Jesus sent His Angel to disciples who were like this saying that they can see Him in Galilee. This Message would be all sufficient consolation. How fast the disciples who heard this would have ran to Galilee? Dear Brother this Resurrected Christ “Wants to meet you too today” Behold all your days of sorrow will be ceased in the Time of His Visitation. All your grieves will change. There is no cry and tears but the eternal happiness will be seen in you.

 Jesus who calls:

“But go your way, tell his disciples and Peter……………” (Mark 16:7)

Who are these disciples? “They all forsook him, and fled” (Mark 14:50). They were the ones who hid their faces from Jesus Christ! (Isaiah 53:3). But, Jesus never ashamed of them. Though they fled from Him, the word Jesus said “Tell my disciples” does it not show us that even then Jesus says, “STILL THEY ARE MINE”? Even many times we too fled from Him like a coward.

“If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful” (II Timothy 2:13) He has not changed. Behold He calls us “to His side”.

All the disciples, big and small were invited by Jesus to himself.

Not only that there was a Special Word to Peter, “tell his disciples and Peter” (Mark 16:7) how honourable is it? Peter who refused and cursed Jesus got a special calling. A Special calling to the Chief sinner! Friends may be you too might have refused Jesus but do not fear, Jesus calls you to come and meet Him.

Peter! Where are you? The sound of the rooster might be still heard in your ears. Your eyes are shedding tears continuously. Jesus knoweth thou dost love Him (John 21:17) “Come on Peter! Come. Your Jesus is calling you by “your name”! He will never deny you nor is curse found in His mouth. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever. COME THOU PETER TO THE RESURRECTED LORD. Jesus who sent this calling never sent “Angels” to His disciples instead He chose “women” who were considered as a weak vessel to this Job.

“When an Angel “preach” may be multitudes would have come with wonder. People would even say this as a “Miracle”. Behold! He couldn’t show softness in His voice though he tried. He never suffered or understood your pain due to which he couldn’t show compassion even though he tried. His Preaching was like “LOFTY STYLE OF HEAVEN”. Many couldn’t understand even the preaching’s of Paul (II Peter 3:16). Then, How surely would it be hard and un-imaginable to our mind to understand the Preaching of the Angels who dwells in Heaven? You would soon weary of his lofty style. But Jesus chose the weak vessel to tell the “Gospel” How blessed are we for God has crowned them with glory and honour, and did set them over the works of thy hands (Hebrews 2:7). I am always thankful that God has committed the ministry of the Word, not to Angels but to us poor men.

Author:  Bro. R. Augustine Joseph                       

 Abad of Jesus Christ,

 Stulo Robinson.S.

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