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Published On: Tue, Oct 1st, 2013

Be Thou my vision

Be Thou my vision

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[su_pullquote align=”left”] King Logaire was so impressed with Patrick’s brave devotion, he let him continue his missionary work unhindered.[/su_pullquote]

St. Patrick (385-461 AD) was a man zealous for the things of God. As a missionary, he defied an Irish King’s edict that restricted the lighting of candles on Easter Eve. King Logaire of Tara had decreed that no one was allowed light any fires until a pagan spring festival was launched by the lighting of a fire on Slane Hill. Patrick chose to honor God in spite the threat of death. King Logaire was so impressed with Patrick’s brave devotion, he let him continue his missionary work unhindered.

An 8th Century Monk, DallanForgaill penned the words to Be Thou My Vision, as a tribute to St. Patrick’s wholehearted loyalty to God. The hymn was translated from Irish to English in 1905 by Mary E. Byrne. In 1912, Eleanor H. Hull arranged the song into the verse most commonly found in English hymnals today. The music to accompany the lyrics is an ancient Irish folk tune called Slane.

Be thou my vision,

O Lord of my heart.

None other is aught

but the King of the seven heavens.


Be thou my meditation

by day and night;

May it be thou that I behold

even in my sleep.


Be thou my speech,

be thou my understanding,

Be thou with me,

be I with thee.


Be thou my father,

be I thy son.

Mayst thou be mine,

may I be thine.


Be thou my battle-shield,

be thou my sword.

Be thou my dignity,

be thou my delight.


Be thou my shelter,

be thou my stronghold.

Mayst thou raise me up

to the company of the angels.


Be thou every good

to my body and soul.

Be thou my kingdom

in heaven and on earth.


Be thou solely

chief love of my heart.

Let there be none other,

O high King of Heaven.


Till I am able

to pass into thy hands,

My treasure, my beloved,

through the greatness of thy love.


Be thou alone

my noble and wondrous estate.

I seek not men,

nor lifeless wealth.


Be thou the constant guardian

of every possession and every life.

For our corrupt desires are dead

at the mere sight of thee.


Thy love in my soul

and in my heart—

Grant this to me,

O King of the seven heavens.


O King of the seven heavens

grant me this—

Thy love to be in my heart

and in my soul.


With the King of all, with him

after victory won by piety

May I be in the kingdom of heaven

O brightness of the son.


Beloved Father,

hear, hear my lamentations;

Timely is the cry of woe

of this miserable wretch.


O heart of my heart,

whate’er befall me,

O ruler of all,

be thou my vision.

Abad of Jesus Christ,

  Stulo Robinson.S.

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