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Published On: Sat, May 18th, 2013

Wayne shaw (Part II)

Wayne shaw (Part II)

Then a light appeared in the corner. It lit up my left hand side. The scene immediately changed from total blackness to light, which seemed to be coming from a kind of archway. Then I saw a Figure with His hands outstretched. But He wasn’t calling me. The light was now so bright and white that I could not see colours. All I could see was black and white. The Figure was brilliant white with a crown on His head. I also noticed that He was wearing a gown. I could not see His feet, or any of His facial expressions because of the brightness, which was whiter than anything I had ever seen before. But it was not a blinding light, because I could see into it.

It was as though the Figure came out of the light, and did not have a definite outline that could be drawn. The shape was obviously not the Figure of a young person. So there I was, still screaming and yelling at the situation that I was in. I was very afraid. I believed the Figure before me was God and that I was going to die. In fact, at the back of my mind I knew that I was already dead.

At this point in my life I was not a Christian, but looking back I believe that had I been a Christian I would have gone to be with the Lord. So there I was, unable to take my eyes off this Figure, Who was strangely beautiful, and Who started to have a calming effect on me.

Then, I started to have glimpses again of my body in the hospital again – I went from seeing myself in hospital to going back into the blackness three or four times. Then suddenly I was back in my body again. This time I remember looking up at the ceiling and having a great feeling of relief and release. I now felt calm. I started to tell the nurse that I had seen a King. That was the best way I could describe what I had seen. ‘Well, you must have seen something’, she said with feeling, ‘look at my arms!’ I could actually see a handprint on her arm where I had gripped her. Although no one doubted that I had seen something, no one seemed particularly interested.

I now felt totally relaxed. I had been resuscitated with electrodes, and my chest was black. I did not have any pain when I initially returned to consciousness, but I did when the bruising started to come out. It seemed to me that my heart had stopped for about twenty minutes, but I am told that it could not have been more than three, or my brain would have been damaged.

I now had so many questions buzzing in my mind. Why had I seen the Figure, and what was I supposed to think about it all? I told my mother and my girlfriend, but when they took a light-hearted attitude towards it, I thought it best not to mention it again.

On the very last day of my rehabilitation classes I met a Christian called Howard. Over a period of time I was able to tell him what I had experienced, and he said that he felt sure that I had met with God. A few weeks later he invited me to go to a meeting where the New Zealander Ian McCormack was speaking, and it was through his ministry that I finally became a Christian.

After I had committed my life to the Lord, I felt I had to see my mother and tell her what had happened. When she heard what I had to say she went upstairs, but reappeared after a few minutes with a Bible in her hand. ‘I’ve been saving this for you since my mother died’ she said. It was then that I discovered that my grandmother was a Christian, and had no doubt often prayed for my salvation during her lifetime. I know that God brought me back from the dead, and now all I want to do is to live for Him.

Source:  The Final Frontier 

  Thanks to: Wayne shaw     

   Abad of Jesus Christ,

    Stulo Robinson.S.




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